• The Warning

    The Warning

    Like ghosts sitting at an empty table
    Our weight of flesh removed.
    We listen to the howling at the moon.

    Of those circling the highways
    Searching fearfully for a refuge.
    Their names will be remembered

    As those who heard the message
    Saw its word engraved in granite
    Thought all the words of warning
    Were for others, not for them.

    words: through, circle, veins, granite, ghosts, names,
    flesh, empty, howl, weight, table, fear

  • wordle 200

    Hopeless, my yearning is hopeless
    (Wordle 200)

    Once again, I am perched on the wall
    That overlooks the river.
    Rain falls in a gentle mist
    No need for an umbrella

    Here is where you spread your
    tiny petals, you blue, delicate flower.
    Uncut you shall remain, my lesson
    Has been learned.

    When a sign is posted “Do not pick
    The flowers”, I will obey. It is
    Enough to merely paint your
    My mistake cost me a day’s pay.

    words: hopeless, petals, blue, perched, river, tiny
    post, yearning, delicate, uncut, umbrella

  • "Memories are Made of This"

    “Memories are Made of This”

    Some of us believe that memory is a science and should be studied
    Some, that memory is an art – perhaps a saintly one.
    Others that memory is a gift from the angels.

    To those of us who wrestle with long held beliefs
    A memory lost is an occasion of sorrow.
    We search through our mind as if we were
    Searching for pebbles on an empty beach.

    Scientists may try to crack the memory code.
    We wish them well, but memories will
    Not stay still.
    They flutter about our minds, yesterday or
    Twenty years ago –
    Names, places, ideas…

    The turbulence of our lives-
    What will float away
    What will cling to our minds forever.

  • As Fragile as Glass

    As Fragile as Glass

    Let’s stop wounding each other with the sound
    Of angry voices.
    Listen to how they burst from our mouths
    And tumble down into a hurtful silence.

    Our egos might not be as fragile as glass
    But they are as easily shattered.
    Let patience prevail –
    And our mornings may be filled with
    The laughter of clowns.

  • words for wordle "He takes the measure of our days"

    Here are the words:

    humility, spend, day, spread, patron, measure, race
    cloud, rescue, state, host, ticking,

  • He Takes the Measure of Our Days

    He takes the Measure of our days

    A glaring face who hosts morning TV
    A patron of the arts
    Who spends his day plotting
    The rescue of all the noble ideals
    Now vanished in the clouds of commerce.

    “I hear the ticking of the final countdown”
    He brags (Humility is not a finer point)
    We race to find the remote
    Watch his features swirl and spread
    And disappear.

  • Onwards and upward

    Onward and upward

    Maybe the miles ahead
    Leading across a land so desolate
    That words could not describe
    Nor mind comprehend,

    Became, with sun-scorched earth a sign
    Of man’s aim to conquer and possess
    Everything his spirit believed
    Would become his salvation.

    Always the spell of a new adventure
    Awoke in his mind this renewed desire
    No matter how trite and over-used
    His explaination.

    words: trite, aim, maybe, scorch. spell, spirit, mind, chime, land, word, sign

  • title-19959245

    From the Evening News

    How can a single act of kindness generate
    A flow of responses which all together make
    An effort to bring forth hope
    From the ennui of despair?

    No list can exist - no names or circumstance
    Of those who do not fear to take a chance -
    In this cold world danger is the reward
    For those who seek the capitulation
    Of those whose only ruler is the sword.

  • Sing Out

    Sing Out, Sweet voices!

    Sing out, brave voices
    The year has turned and our resolve
    Has started a revolution of ideas
    Our beliefs, once etched in secret scrolls
    Once whispered on trembling lips
    Are now reviewed in headlines
    Around the world!

    Sing out, sweet voices!
    Our resolve, once sheltered
    Whispered, designed
    By a people believed too weak
    To win more than a penny drawing
    Now proclaim their cause
    From town and countryside
    A new day dawns!
    Shine on, sweet victory!

    Words: sing, new, win, turn, shelter, dedicated, resolve, belief
    Shine, revolution, design, review

  • Never Forgotten

    Never Forgotten

    That moment resolute
    Time does a pirouette and once again
    We are children – miserable and neglected.
    How we envy the butterflies as they
    Flutter beneath the cloudy sky.

    A decision never forgotten
    Spills into our hearts forever-
    Hearts and souls fly away.

    words: Pirouettes, moments, resolute, forgotten, decision, neglected
    children, cloudy, flutter, spills, miserable, stains


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