• words for wordle "He takes the measure of our days"

    Here are the words:

    humility, spend, day, spread, patron, measure, race
    cloud, rescue, state, host, ticking,

  • He Takes the Measure of Our Days

    He takes the Measure of our days

    A glaring face who hosts morning TV
    A patron of the arts
    Who spends his day plotting
    The rescue of all the noble ideals
    Now vanished in the clouds of commerce.

    “I hear the ticking of the final countdown”
    He brags (Humility is not a finer point)
    We race to find the remote
    Watch his features swirl and spread
    And disappear.

  • Onwards and upward

    Onward and upward

    Maybe the miles ahead
    Leading across a land so desolate
    That words could not describe
    Nor mind comprehend,

    Became, with sun-scorched earth a sign
    Of man’s aim to conquer and possess
    Everything his spirit believed
    Would become his salvation.

    Always the spell of a new adventure
    Awoke in his mind this renewed desire
    No matter how trite and over-used
    His explaination.

    words: trite, aim, maybe, scorch. spell, spirit, mind, chime, land, word, sign

  • title-19959245

    From the Evening News

    How can a single act of kindness generate
    A flow of responses which all together make
    An effort to bring forth hope
    From the ennui of despair?

    No list can exist - no names or circumstance
    Of those who do not fear to take a chance -
    In this cold world danger is the reward
    For those who seek the capitulation
    Of those whose only ruler is the sword.

  • Sing Out

    Sing Out, Sweet voices!

    Sing out, brave voices
    The year has turned and our resolve
    Has started a revolution of ideas
    Our beliefs, once etched in secret scrolls
    Once whispered on trembling lips
    Are now reviewed in headlines
    Around the world!

    Sing out, sweet voices!
    Our resolve, once sheltered
    Whispered, designed
    By a people believed too weak
    To win more than a penny drawing
    Now proclaim their cause
    From town and countryside
    A new day dawns!
    Shine on, sweet victory!

    Words: sing, new, win, turn, shelter, dedicated, resolve, belief
    Shine, revolution, design, review

  • Never Forgotten

    Never Forgotten

    That moment resolute
    Time does a pirouette and once again
    We are children – miserable and neglected.
    How we envy the butterflies as they
    Flutter beneath the cloudy sky.

    A decision never forgotten
    Spills into our hearts forever-
    Hearts and souls fly away.

    words: Pirouettes, moments, resolute, forgotten, decision, neglected
    children, cloudy, flutter, spills, miserable, stains

  • title-19715786

    What happens Next

    Fresh trends have quickly turned stale
    Memories of loss linger too long.
    Hints that try to be subtle lead to
    disappointment. Sex is too soon.

    Life has become a palate of left-overs.
    Yesterday and the day before mix
    into dreams of toasty mornings
    that never yielded to the fantasy
    afternoons of “What could have been”

    words" subtle, toast, mix, palate, yields, sex, lingering,
    trends, soul, fresh, hints"

  • Reconsideration


    Fragile is the thread that binds
    The darkness to the light.

    Hidden in the muddy crossroads
    A single crocus blooms
    We stumble through a cold,
    Unending night.
    Through the silence, a screech owl’s
    Warning cry
    Stirs the sleeping birds

    Behind the clouds, the moon and stars
    Shine on.
    Preparing for it season , the rose awaits.

    Nature continues, through darkness
    And through dawn.

    An urge for suicide pauses and is gone.

    words: crossroads, fevor, rose, crocus, thread, birds, owl
    suicide, fhorns, mud, shine, night

  • After a Lond Darkness, Light

    After a long darkness, light.

    A spark of joy emerges like the sun
    At the ending of a cold, grey rain
    That has lasted days and nights uncounted.

    Conversations grown jaded, repeating
    Words that long ago ceased to satisfy
    Standing at the doorway, neither out not in.

    Somewhere along the way, we have realized
    To slash and burn will only provide the
    Seed-bed for the greater violence of tomorrow.

  • The Seer had Seen it all

    The Seer had Seen it all

    A glint of steel in the stranger’s hand –
    The deputy blinked, the prisoner closed his eyes.
    Someone he knew waited in the shadows.

    The daughter, alone in the kitchen
    Basting a turkey she had prepared for the men
    Smiled at the diamond she wore. No seer
    Would warn her to get out of the way…

    Three men had left for the mountain and one would
    Return – the bearer of bad news. The remains
    Of handcuffs dangled from his pocket

    Was it the smell of the roasting, now burning
    Turkey that drove the men crazy? They
    Shouted and cursed and ripped the steel bars down.


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